"This is my -71 Torino GT convertible. The car is actually a result of me advertising for a 1971 Torino convertible to buy - right at this web-site - in the classifieds section about two years ago. I was determined that I wanted specifically a -71 convertible, and nothing else. And I found the right car for me (I bought the car from a very nice guy in Detroit)! The car has a rebuilt 429 Thunderjet and a 4-speed trans, a brand new Centerforce clutch, power steering, power (disc) brakes and a shaker scoop. Actually I'm not so delighted about the shaker, and I have plans of removing it in the future. I understand that most people prefer the shaker(hood), but I actually like the GT-hood better! So further on this car will have a new paint with the GT-hood, rechromed bumpers etc. I have plans of installing a hideaway-grill also. Most likely I will add a set of laser stripes with the new paint too. But all this is plans for the future, and the car is perfect to enjoy as it is now. I really love to take the car to car-shows here in Sweden in the summer. The Torino convertible 1971 is a very rare car in Sweden, and I have never seen another -71 convertible at any of the car shows I have attended. I know that some do exist, but they doesn't show up; instead all these -70 convertibles (there's a bunch of them) and fastbacks come to the car-shows... And all other kinds of classics of course. Vintage american cars is such a big nationwide hobby here in Sweden and we are blessed with thousands and thousands of beautiful cars to enjoy - including many Torino's!

Tobias Rosenlund, Sweden"