"Mike,  Love the website! Glad to see somebody trying to the some respect for the Torino's. I would like to submit some pic's, in hope that you might put them on your site. This is my 76 Torino Elite (nickname "Old Blue"), that I still have after 23 years of faithful service. I was my first car and thanks to my wife's patience with my obsession, I completely restored it. I also threw in a few personally modifications, to make it the way I always wanted it. Here are the stat's on it. It was originally a 351w-2v car with a C-4 transmission and 2.75 open differential, but now is running a 466ci big-block built to Police Interceptor specifications, Holley 4160 carb, Edelbrock RPM intake, oversized valves, C-6 transmission (shift kit/trans cooler) and 3:50 limited slip differential. I added a rear sway bar and upgraded to big-block springs (front/rear) to make it handle, 2-1/2" side exit duals with crossover. The body seams were filled to smooth things out and bumpers were painted to match to body. I still have future mod's planned, but this is it for now. Hope to see it on you site - thanks in advance.

Tony A. Gray"