"Hi Mike, You have many wonderful pictures of your car on your website. I would love for mine to look like this one day! Is there any chance I could use one of your pictures for a T-Shirt to be printed for me??? Please!!!

Here is a picture of mine. LLLOOONNNGGG WAY TO GO but it will be fun just trying to come close to your awesome ride!!!!

Troy Leming"

4-07-2005 - "Hi Mike, Let me start by saying I love your website!!! I have been coming here for many years now! You have me on your guest cars on page 17. Maybe one of these pictures would be better there without the trailer??? I figured most of them would be in the restoration section, but you do with them as you see fit. I would just like to share them with you guys!!!

In the last few months I have really been "blessed". I have been making some pretty good deals finding "original" cars here and there and making some money selling them for the owners. This has given me the money I need to get back to my own restoration project.

My car originally belonged to my Dad and was given to me in 1988 when I graduated High School. My Dad was killed in a car accident (in another one of his Cobras) when I was 6 years old and my Uncle held onto his "extra" car for many years. Although the original SCJ motor, transmission, wheels, and 3.91 rearend were sold out of it in 76 after the wreck, I feel like I still have a lot to work with. I found the SCJ shaker, oil cooler, and other miscellaneous stuff when I went to get it. I had the interior redone as soon as I got it but it was just a cheap job so I could have something to at least look at. When I got it it had "green" astro-turf down for carpet!!! I did the rough sheetmetal work myself but I was only 18 years old at the time and was just looking to keep from falling through the floors! (lol)The underside is pretty rough as it sat out in a field on our family farm for 12 years before it ever became mine!!! Luckily, I found a parts car a few months ago within 15 miles of me that has a really good undercarriage. I bought the whole car for $450 and have already made my money back out of it by selling the things I didn't need. It is a GT and there's a lot of things that won't work with my Cobra (exterior and interior wise).

I hope to get my car on the road this Summer and I will get you more detailed and updated pictures in the coming weeks as I start getting it ready!!! These pictures I'm sending are from 1988-89.

Thanks again for a great website, the forum in great for restoration information!!!

These are the last pictures I have right now. They are all from 1988-89.
Car has gotten worse from setting around and I have gained about 30 pounds since High School!!!

Thanks again for a great website for Torinos!!!

Troy R. Leming   Flemingsburg, KY"