The following comes from Wes McArtor of Sedgwick, Kansas.  Wes writes "Mike, Here is a few pic of my 70 Torino that I just finished an 8 month restoration on . Let me know if want more. I have 105 pic from start to finish but they are all pretty high res so they are a little big. I'll do some better pics when the weather's better, but had to drive it this weekend. Let me know if you want the complete set of the process.

Great site it helped a lot. Thanks

Wes McArtor
President BEI Services Inc."

Thanks Wes, would love to post more, but I don't think I'll be able to do 108 of them!  Car looks great, fantastic job!  Thanks...

5-6-2003 - Wes sent in the better pics!

9-5-2003 - "I've attached a few updated pic on the engine and interior. Thanks   Wes McArtor"