I received the following  from William Quinby.  William writes "Dear sir,  Okay, I know that's formal-sounding, but anyway...My name is William Quinby, and I am the (somewhat) proud owner of a 1968 Formal Roof 2dr-Hardtop Torino. The vehicle is equipped with a 302-2v, C-4 automatic, 3.00:1 rear,....and a host of mechanical problems. Bought it over the internet, from an allegedly reputable classic Ford dealer in Bradenton, FL. For $4895, I got a car that took $3000 to get into minimally roadworthy condition. No more internet auto purchases for me! And yet...the doggone thing has begun to grow on me a little...I bought as inexpensive (HAH!)daily transportation, so that I might keep my high-dollar '93 Mustang LX 5.0 off the road. After all the work (new rear main seal, trans. tailshaft seal, idler arm, pwr steering arm, outer tie rod ends, brake rotors, freeze plugs, etc...) it actually has turned around a bit. Oh sure, the brakes still need work (there's air in the lines I think), making rides a bit too thrilling to be pleasant...and there's antifreeze dripping from the front of the engine (I dunno where, it's just puddled up around the water inlet)...and there's no heater or a/c, because those systems were disconnected before I bought the car, and nobody's really sure what will happen if we try to reconnect them...and the rest of the front end undercarriage still needs work...but I see possibilities! Anyway, I've enclosed a picture from the Daytona Beach (where I live) Turkey Rod Run 2000 (really big show held down here every year on Thanksgiving). I have other pictures of other Torinos, Fairlanes, and a few Rancheros and LTDs, so if you're interested, I'll be happy to share! The car is indeed for sale, by the way...the body is 99% rust-free, with two small spots just aft of the rear wheels, in the rocker panels. All original documentation is included. Dual exhaust added by previous owner, with cherry bombs. Vehicle is functional, and driven at least every other day. Asking $7000, to cover all expenses spent on this thing so far. I felt compelled to send you a picture because I looked at your pic pages and there were very few early models included. Anyway, thanks for reading my rant, and I hope to hear from you! I am actually thinking about restoration over selling..."

Sir...me?  Not likely!  Nice car and a great story!