The following comes from W.T. Drake of Newsoms, Virginia.  W.T. writes "Mike, My name is W.T. Drake from Newsoms, Virginia. I enjoy checking your site each day. I always check for updates. I have checked out many Torino web-sites and yours is by far the best. It would be great to have my Torino posted on your site. I have a 1970 Torino GT, 429N Code engine, bucket seats, console, C6 cruise-o-matic transmission. I bought the car when I got out of high school. I drove the car until 1978, which is the year I drove it in a barn with the intention to restore. I decided to begin restoring the car in May 2001. I just got it back last week. I had forgotten how good it feels to drive the Torino. Everything is restored original except the tires."

Thanks W.T, your car looks fantastic!  Looks like a winner!!!