The following comes from Zack Ard.  Zack writes "Hello there. Enclosed is a  picture of my 1971 Ford Torino. I paid 400 dollars for it from a couple who's parents had owned it previously. Those folks had been dead 20 years, and the fellow I purchased from went every Sunday to the garage at his in-laws house and ran the car for 10 minutes. He got tired of doing it, and I happened to get lucky. It is totally original, except for the belts and tires. It has a 302 2V and, although a big car, I can claim many late model Mustangs, riced-out Integras, and even a vaunted Mistubishi 3000GT to my list of stoplight victims, although I rarely truly abuse the car. It had 12,000 original miles when i purchased 2 years ago, and it has 25,000 now. I'd be glad to provide any more information if you'd like, and I hope that my 4-door can be accepted into the "club"! LOL have a nice day      Zack"

Thanks Zack, accept you into the club?  We accept you into the Torino brotherhood with great honors!  Your car looks great!