Well, the 2002 "Bash at the Beach" Torino / Fairlane Mini-Meet is in the books. It was a huge success! There were about 100 Torinos and Fairlanes in attendance, with many more Ford nuts who didn't or couldn't bring their cars. My buddy Rick Littell drove all the way from Georgia just to attend this show! We had people in attendance from Georgia, Michigan's Upper Pennisula , Indiana, Ohio, and various other spots from all over Michigan. The cars were outstanding, the people wonderful, and the day almost perfect. It looked like rain a few times but it held out until the drive home. I want to thank everyone who made it, these Torino / Fairlane people are truly some of the nicest people in the world. The names are far too many to name here. I also want to thank Jerry and Terry Worful of the Fairlane Club of America, who without their hard work and unrelenting effort, much of this could not have happened. I also would like to personally thank our sponsor, Darren Tucker (a fellow Torino nut) of ITS Mortgage.net (www.itsmortgage.net), whose generosity made this meet a success also. I would also like to thank the many people and organizations who donated door prizes towards this event; The Fairlane Club of America, Dearborn Classics, Ed Nowakowski, John Vermeersch of Total Performance, Paul Dickhart of Westland, Varsity Ford in Ann Arbor, Pep Boys Auto Parts, Ford Performance, and a few others I am sure I am missing. We had almost as many door prizes as attendees! And most important, I want to once again thank the people who attended, and the people who attempted to attend and didn't quite make it there (there were a few). From everyone's reactions, we appear to be doing something that everyone enjoys and barring any catastrophe we will be doing it again next year. I tried to take a picture of every car in attendance, but I now see that I missed a few. If your car is not here, send me the pictures and I will post them. I wanted to get pictures of all the trophy winners with their cars, but the weather was threatening and everyone left fairly abruptly. All in all though it was a fantastic day. Thank you everyone for making this event possible!


Winners Circle!

1962-63 1964-65 1966-67
1st - Jack and Tina Hill

2nd - Jerry Worful

3rd - John Johnson

1st - Kerry Sitor

2nd - Bill Pearson

3rd - Tom Petit

1st - John Gozalka

2nd - Ed Flanagan

3rd - Gary Grabowski


1968-69 1970-71 1972-76
1st - Ted Lupu

2nd - Keith Blasius

3rd - Mike Nuttall

1st - Larry Zobeck

2nd - Rick Lupu

3rd - Greg and Debbie Moran

1st - Jeff and Jean Jones

2nd - Greg Espenoza

3rd - Mike McPhillips


Peoples Choice Long Distance Traveler
Greg and Debbie Moran Rick Littell from Georgia