My Past

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Me at 3 6 yrs old Me at 11 yrs old Going to a wedding with my girlfriend 1973
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Me, ready for a high school dance in 1973 with my high school sweetheart Rick and Pams wedding 1976, me on the far left Connie and Ed in 1977


Dave and Amy's wedding in 1982

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Dave and Amy's 1st weding anniversary while camping Amy-cita, warrior woman Amy and Connie bring it home.. Dennis and Diane


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Ed and Connie camping in1982

Ed and Connie having a good time Ed bringing home the dinner? Tim and Colleen with Katie
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Dave and Kathy's wedding 1984 Sue and Kevin's wedding, 1986 Thom and Dawn's wedding 1993


My high school gang now....were still all friends!
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Dave and Amy at a X-mas party in 1996 The gang from work at EDS

Some of my friends from above pictures now - Xmas 2001

From the left - Connie and Ed, Diane and Dennis, Kathy and Dave.