My Present

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My Family Room.  Being a single dad I can decorate anyway I want. My fireplace mantle.  How many of your wives would let you decorate like this?



Me in 2000

One of my speaker tops.  I collect lots of junk, cars, Beatle stuff, etc.
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The Beatles probably had the biggest influence on my life.



Some of my smaller car collection.  Help me, I am running out of places to put them!! My car show companion.  He rides in the back seat and every kid who looks in the window gets the biggest kick out of him.



My newest car show snake.  I found him at of all places, Canterbury Village (a santa village) at a small toy store.
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My cockpit, ground zero, where all the work (and play) gets done.



My sister Marge gave me this frame for Christmas 2000.  It really meant a lot to me.  When people give you gifts that are especially for you, it's means everything. 



Added more Torino stuff to the family room Me, Oct 2001
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Me and my car, Nov 2001 Daddy Daughter Prom - 2002 Daddy Daughter Prom - 2002 Detroit Zoo - 2004