Hey, I like your Torino site. I was looking through it and found the torino race cars page and was excited to see all the different variations people have made of them. The reason I am sending you this mail is the fact my brother-in-law races a 72 Ford Gran Torino Sport. We put quite a bit of work into getting it spit shined and ready to race, but I think the over all was pretty good. He was praised rather highly and got quite a following at our local race track because of the way the car looks and drives. I came up with the paint job, and when he shot it, he was very skeptical of its effects, but once on the track, he stood out from the crowd. He was one of 3 other Ford racers out of over a hundred entered racers this past season. Unfortunately, the car doesn't shine with the splendor of this photo at the moment, but you can imagine the various cosmetic problems that arise with walls and other cars on a dirt track. (hehe) However, we are looking into new body parts and frame components to rebuild her back to 100% race ready and a fresh coat of paint to top it off. I would be very excited if you could post the photo of his car on your dragster/race car page for others to appreciate. Thank you for your time.

E. Riley