Scam Warnings

There is currently many scam artists contacting people on these classifieds.  Follow good business practices. Do not deal with 3rd parties or people claiming other people owe them money.  The most common is that someone owes them money and that their shipper will send you a check for  substantially more than what you are asking, saying that you should cash it and send the rest back to them.  It is a counterfeit check.  The bank will cash it and will discover it is a counterfeit after you have sent them their money... and you will be responsible for the money!   I have received countless emails from people saying these guys have contacted them!  If you are contacted by any of these scam (or scum) men, forward their emails to  No cover letter is required unless you want to submit more info. This address is a direct line to the US Secret Service Task Force.


"Hi Mike .. Wondering if you wouldn't mind posting this scam .. There is a Michael Slimmer , lives in Fleetwood PA. advertises Torino parts on E-Bay ,Items such as Shaker Hood ... (Buy know, includes shipping ) .. Well as it turns out , you send the money to the given address and, to make a long story short.. there is no Shaker Hood .address given is his brothers apartment... They know nothing about any parts. and they tell me he doesn't live that address. and forget about the phone no# he gives out.. There's no answer ,only leave a message . E-Bay has done nothing to help in this matter.. I have purchased items from your classifieds with no problems and meet a lot of good honest people .. Like to see stay that way ... Oh Buy the way .. This stupid mistake cost me $ 600.00 Cd

Thanks Mike .... Joe & Linda from Essex Ont. Canada
ps E-Bay I.D was gttorinoguy His E-Mail address was taht was the latest. He kept changing it ..  "



From Ed Gerarden to (after being offered almost twice the amount for his car than he was asking)
"Listen, there is a National Task force looking for people trying to scam, us American's, some people think we are stupid. Some people know we are not. Which one are you? To my knowledge business is not practiced by "CLIENTS" I hope you are realizing now the mistake you are making trying to get people to forward you their hard earned money. I personally do not do business with someone that wants to hide behind an unknown entity. The F.B.I., Federal Trade Comission, and all appropriate agencies will be forwarded this letter and your E-mail Address and I.S.P. You see maybe we American's are a giving Nation but we are not going to tolerate people like you.
Thank You, Hope to read about you in the newspapers, Sincerely, Ed Gerarden"


"Hi Mike. I had you post a "for sale" add for my '71 Torino 500 a few months ago which I thank you again for doing. Recently I had received an e-mail from an iterested buyer and we have been writing back and forth and arranging for a sale. To make a long story short, he is a FRAUD! His act is as a buyer from the UK however I think he is in the US. He sent me a stolen check from a california bank. I filed a report with my local police station, but don't know what is going to happen if anything. Anyway I just wanted to let you know so perhaps you could warn those who have classified ads on your website in case he tries to do it again. The bank said this was only one of a series of writing stolen checks. His e-mail address is: and he has been going by the name thomas. Thanks sincerely Dave"


"Please beware of the below e-mail address (scot_freeman&  Why hasn't someone stopped this idiot yet? Mike here is another address and name to add to the website!  From: john ken <> Subject: Re: Louvers for 70/71 fastback or Cobra get back to me   Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 09:10:43 -0800 (PST)   BILLY, Thanks for the mail.  i have aclient in the united state who ownes me some amount of money $5000 ,so i will instruct him to send a cashiers check to you for payment and after you mighty have diducted your cost then you send the remaning you my shipping agent and he will come for >the pickup in your location ok ,so get back to me if this is ok by you.
thanks  scot."


"Hello, I have recieved countless pathetic, annoying e-mails like the ones stated at the beginning of this page. I got lucky. Thanks to you and seeing this i will no longer be making a transaction with 1 of these three people. Here is their names , e-mail addresses and posts. Please list them, i would hate to see anyone else get fooled by these con-artists. This one is labeled TRUST AND UNDERSTANDING- from His message reads......... Thanks, I appreciate your effort by letting me know the conditions of what i am buying from you.As for the shipping i have made all necessary arrangement with a shipping company Called Pacific Ocean Airliners they will be on ground to do the pick ,they gave me more information about their packaging they will be in charge of the Crafting of everything . As regards payment,this is what i am going to do,I have an Associates in the USA who is owing me $5,450 i would instruct him to issue out the certified cashier's check to you in that amount and as soon as it clears your bank you can now deduct your money from it and send my balance by WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.

Although the value of the certified cashier's check is more than the price of the 1968 cadillac deville convertible but i think i should be able to trust you with my balance.I will also be using part of the balance to pay for the shipping company that will be on ground to do the pick up. So i would like you to deduct the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER charges from my balance.So if my terms are acceptable to you,i would like you to give me your full name address and phone numbers so that i can instruct my Business Associates in USAto make out the certified cashier's check to you.Pls get back to me as soon as you get this mail so that i can know my stand. Regards, Joseph Tunde Another is this from a who goes by the name peter danile. His message reads........... HELLO

This is MR peter a business man that deals with buying and selling of cadillac car and dirty bikes and offroad based in switzerland but now in LONDON ONTARIO for a business transaction and i was surfing the net i saw your cadillac car for sale and will like you to get to me with the least offer and will like to purchase as soon as possible,i will like you to send me pics and get back to me. REGARDS........ GOD BLESS............
Post these and please people if you get one of these messages send it to the FBI , lets catch these scum bags.
Thanks Fordmanjoe
If anyone else needs any more info about these people, e-mail me at "


"Mike, I've seen it mentioned on your site before and thought I would pass this guys name and email along. Foreigner wanting to send more money than you're asking and ask that you cash the check and send the balance to his shipper. RIP OFF!! Naturally you would get stuck with the fact that the check is a fraud once the bank finds out. His name is William Kingsley email is Just thought you could help pass the information on. Thanks,
Jeff A. Ford"


"Hi Mike, Just wanted to thank you for posting the warnings about the scams going on. We just posted the 428CJ motor on you website and the guy contacted us. He's going by kingsley william his email address is We sent his emails to the FBI like you indicated on your website. Thanks again!!
Paul & Anne-Marie Roberts"


"Hello, How are you doing today,my name is Mr Hendry from switzerland.I am sales manager of my enterprise.I deal in the sale of cobra ford and general machandise.I would love to purchase your(1972 GRAN TORINO SPORT ).please get back to me with your last offer so that payment would commence immediately."
sent in by Ed Gerarden


"Hey Mike... just thought I'd take a moment to list another scam artist using your site for victims..His e-mail address is as offered to buy my rims for $200.00 over asking price also having someone in the states oweing 5500.00"
sent in by Jcode70


Another scumbag, forwarded to me by Sean Goulden.  "Dear Sean, Thanks for your mail,I have contacted my client and he said that since you said the cost of your Car is $4999.99 and my client says there is no  problem about the price,but like i told you in my  first e-mail i make you to understand that my client  is owing me $8,000 and he has just issued you a  certified cashier check of $8000 which you will be  expecting while you deduct your $4999.99 and wire me  back my $3,000.So you will be expecting a cashier  check of $8,000 while you wire me back $3,000 via  Western Union  Money  Transfer as soon as you receive the check which i  will be using for settling my  sippers. After my balance has been wired to me i will then instruct my shippers to come to your destination to pick up the Car.
    Regards   travis thomas []"


"Hey Mike, I forwarded this on to the feds, but thought you might like to know about another name... They contacted me off a site where I was selling off some NOS GM and Mopar parts. Maybe you should just start listing Names and Email addresses, since the scam seems to be the same regardless of the asswipes sending them... the source email was


Oh by the way, I had listed 4 pickup loads and a 19' trailer full of parts...theyre cheque wouldn't even cover the packaging of these items, let alone shipping by any company...  Anyway, here is the two messages I received:

Hello, I am Mark Brown.I saw your advert while surfing through the internet and i am willing to buy.I will like you to mail me the best offer you can give and the present conditons. Thanks and God bless

Regards Mark Brown

Hello Thanks for the fast reponse to my mail and i can see how honest your are , haven read your mail i wil contact my colleague who is indebted to he will be sending you the us check. mind you he will be sending a cheque of the total amount of money he owes me which is $3800.when you get the cheque,go and deposit it in your account and when it has been transfered to your account you deduct your $500 and forward the remaining to my shipper in ireland through western union money transfer. The shipping comapny will be coming for the pickup three days after you have sent them funds.the funds will be meant for the shipping and clearing arrangement. i hope i am understood,kindly get back to me with.

1.ful name on check. 2.address where cheque will be forwarded to. number

Mark Brown"