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Mike Kleinow Article on 2" Dropped Spindles.  Good stuff! Mike Kleinow 780 Holley Information
Hi, I've got some info that may help all the people that have 70-71 torinos that want bucket seats, I was out in my local dodge and ford salvage the other day looking for a set of buckets for my 71 conv, I searched every ford I could find and came up empty handed , I wandered over to the dodge side and spotted a set of buckets in a 72 charger that looked a lot like 70-71 torino buckets. I pulled the plastic hinge trim off and there it was , a ford part number from 1970, I could not believe my eyes, I looked a little more and discovered that dodge used 70-71 ford bucket set in there 71-73 chargers. I was in shock, I knew dodge was cheap but I never thought they would put a ford part in there car without changing the part number., there were plenty of these buckets so I grabbed the best pair I could find. I took the seats over to a friend of mine who has a 71 with buckets and we compared the 2, there almost identical, the mounts are the same, the dimensions of the seat are the same. same frames and seat buns, the only thing diffent is the outward upholstery and the seat adjustment handle postion(its on the side for the dodge). so if anyone wants a pair of buckets start looking at the 71-73 chargers, these bolted right in to my 71 conv. this is a big discovery for me and I just thought id pass it on to you torino lovers. I know there's a lot of people out there who want buckets and here's another avenue to look up. Happy hunting.  Anthony in Oklahoma