Console (Available only with High Back Bucket Seats) Door Edge Guards
Floor Mats
Headlamps Hideaway (Standard on Torino Brougham Models Excluding Squire)
Laser Stripe (Available only on Torino GT Models) Molding, Body Side with Vinyl Insert (N/A on Torino Squire or with Laser Stripe; Standard on Torino)
Paint, Two Tone Roof (Available only on Sedans and Formal Hardtops)
Roof, Vinyl (Available only on 4-Door Sedans, 2-Door Formal Hardtops and 4-Door Hardtops)
Sport Slats Rear Window Louvers (Available only on 2-Door Hardtop SportsRoof Models-Requires Outside Color-Keyed Dual Racing Mirrors at Extra Cost)
Trim, Blazer Stripe Seat (Striped Seat Trims are available in red or nugget gold and available only on models 30, 35, 38)
Trim, Plaid Seat (Available only in Red-Rob Roy-or Black-Black Watch-on Torino and Torino Squire Station Wagon Models. Third rear facing seat option has color-keyed vinyl when ordered with plaid trim)
Trim, Comfortweave Knitted Vinyl Seat (Standard with High Back Bucket Seats and also available on Torino, Torino GT 2-Door SportsRoof, Torino Squire and Torino Station Wagon Bench Seat Models)
Trim, Vinyl Seat (Standard on Torino GT Convertibles and Station Wagons; Available only on Torino and Cobra Models)
Trim, Ring/Hub Cap (Standard on Torino GT)
Wheel Covers (Standard on Torino Brougham Models; N/A on Torino GT)
Wheel Covers Deluxe
Wheel Covers, Sporty (Available only with Wide Oval Tires; N/A on StaUon Wagons)
Wheels, Five Window Argent Styled Steel (Available only with Wide Oval Tires; N/A on Station Wagons) Wheels, Magnum 500 (Requires F60 x 15 Wide Oval
Belted BSW Tires with Raised White Letters at Extra Cost; N/A on Station Wagons)


Radio, AM
Radio, AM/FM Stereo (lncludes two Front CowlMounted Speakers)
Speakers, Rear Seat Dual (Available only on Sedans and Hardtops; Requires AM Radio or AM/FM Stereo at Extra Cost)
Stereosonic Tape System


Air Conditioner SelectAire (N/A on Station Wagon Models with 6 Cylinder Engines, DirectAire Ventilation, or Models with 429 4v Engines except when Power Steering is Ordered; Tinted Glass Recommended)
Air Conditioner Air Horn
Clock, Electric (N/A with tachometer)
Defogger, Rear Window (Available only on Sedans and Hardtops)
Glass, Tinted Complete
Glass Tinted Windshield (Available only for FleetLPO)
Light, Engine Compartment "Lights-On" Warning Buzzer
Luggage Rack (Available only on Station Wagons) Luggage Rack Deluxe (Includes Integral Rear Window, Air Deflector and Adjustable Inner Rail)
Mirrors, Outside, Color-Keyed, Dual Racing (Includes LH Remote Control and RH Manual Control Mirrors; Available only on 2-Door Formal Hardtdps, SportsRoof and Convertibles; N/A with DSO or PTO Paint Options)
Mirror Outside, LH Remote Control (Standard with Visibility Group)
Mirror, RH Outside
"Parking Brake On" Warning Light Power Bench Seats
Power Side Windows
Power Steering (This option Required with 429-c.i.d. 4v Engines Ordered with Air Conditioner)
Power Tailgate Window (Available only on Station Wagons)
Remote Control Rear Deck Lid Release
Seat Belts Deluxe with Warning Light (Includes Automatic Seat Back Release on 2-Door Models; Seat Belts only on Convertibles)
Seats High Back Bucket (Includes Knitted Vinyl Trim and Carpet Runner; Available only on 2-Door Formal and SportsRoflf Hardtops and Convertibles.)
Seat Rear Facing Third (Available only on Station Wagons)
Spotlight Steering Wheel, "Rim-Blow" Deluxe Three Spoke Ventilation DirectAire (Standard on 2-Door Models;
N/A with Air Conditioner)
Visibility Group (Includes Ash Tray Light Glove Box Light, Trunk Light-Cargo Light on Station Wagons -Engine Compartment Light Rear Door Courtesy Light Switches, LH Remote Control Mirror, Headlamps-On Warning Buzzer and Light. Parking Brake Warning Light, and Front Door Actuated Seat Belt Warning Light. Standard on Models with Outside Color-Keyed Dual Racing Mirrors; Available on all Other Models)
Wipers, Intermittent Windshield
Delete Heater and Defrosters (Available only on Models Sold in Hawaii)


302-c.i.d. 2v 8-Cylinder 220 H.P.
351-c.i d. 2v 8-Cylinder 250 H.P. (N/A on Cobra Models)
351-c.i d 4v 8-Cylinder 300 H.P. (N/A on Cobra Models)
429-c.i.d. 4v 8-Cylinder 360 H.P. (Requires F78 x 14 or Larger Tires; Standard on Cobra Models; N/A with Three-Speed Manual Transmission)
429-c i.d. 4v Cobra 8-Cylinder 370 H.P., Non-Ram Air Induction (Includes Competition Suspension Cast Aluminum Rocker Covers, and Bright Engine DressUp; N/A on Station Wagons or with Three-Speed Manual Transmission; Requires E70 x 14, F70 x 14 or F60 x IS Wide-Oval Belted BSW Tires with Raised White Letters at Extra Cost on All Models Except Cobra)
429-c.i.d. 4v Cobra Jet 8-Cylinder 370 H.P. Ram Air Induction (Includes Competition Suspension, Shakerhood Scoop, Bright Engine Dress-Up and Cast Aluminum Rocker Covers; N/A on Station Wagons or with Three Speed Manual Transmission; Requires E70 x 14. F70 x 14 or F60 x 15 Wide-Oval Belted Tires with Raised White Letters at Extra Cost)


Axle, Drag Pack (Includes "Traction-Lok" Diflerential with 3.91 Axle Ratio or Detroit Automotive "NoSpin" Locker with 4.30 Axle Ratio, Engine Oil Cooler, Forged Aluminum Pistons, and 4 Bolt Main Bearing; Available only with 429-c.i.d. 4v Cobra Non-Ram Air or Cobra Jet Ram Air 8-Cylinder Engines; N/A with Other Optional Ratio Axles or Air Conditioning) Axle, Optional Ratio
Axle, "Traction-Lok" Differential Battery, Heavy-Duty, 70-Ampere
Hood Scoop, Shaker (Available with 351-c.i.d. 4v Engine)
Tachometer, 8000 RPM (Available only on 8-Cylinder Engines)


Power Bench Seats Power Drum Brakes
Power Front Disc Brakes (Includes bright Pedal Pads; Standard with Trailer Towing Package)
Power Side Windows
Power Steering (This option is required with 429-c.i.d. 4v Engines Ordered with an Air Conditioner)
Power Tailgate Window (Available only on Station Wagons)



E78 x 14 WSW Fiberglass-Belted

 F78 x 14 BSW Fiberglass-Belted

F78 x 14 WSW Fiberglass-Belted

G78 x 14 BSW Fiberglass-Belted

G78 x 14 WSW Fiberglass-Belted

 F70 x 14 WSW Fiberglass-Belted

 F70 x 14 B/WL Fiberglass-Belted

 G70 x 14 WSW Fiberglass-Belted

 G70 x 14 B/WL Fiberglass-Belted

 F60 x IS B/WL Fiberglass-Belted


Emission Control System, Fuel Evaporative (Required on Models Registered in California)
Suspension, Heavy-Duty Load (Includes Heavy-Duty Front and Rear Shock Absorbers and Heavy-Duty Stabilizer Bar; N/A on Torino GT Models with 429c.i.d. 4v Thunder Jet or Larger Engines, Cobra, or with 429-c.i.d. 4v Cobra or Cobra Jet Engines)
Trailer Towing Package Class II (Includes Power Front Disc Brakes, Heavy-Duty Load Suspension, ExtraCooling Package, Heavy-Duty Alternator, HeavyDuty Battery, and Trailer Towing Identification; Requires 351-c.i.d. or 429-c.i.d. 8-Cylinder Engine, Cruise-O-Matic, Power Steering, F78 x 14 or Larger Tires, and 3.25 Optional Axle Ratio or Higher at Extra Cost-3.00 Axle Ratio is Standard and Mandatory on Models with Air Conditioner)
TRANSMISSIONS SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic
Four-Speed Manual with Hurst Shifter° (Standard on Torino Cobra Models, N/A on Station Wagons or with 302-c.i.d. 2v V8 or 6-Cylinder Engines)