A lot of these files are large so they can retain readability, so they may take some time, but they are well worth it!!!

hood3.jpg (69266 bytes) shaker2.JPG (97434 bytes) shaker3.jpg (115457 bytes) badge_measurement_side.JPG (29263 bytes)
Hood layout - Thanks to Bill Brady and Kevin Taylor of the FCA



Shaker hood cutout Shaker Setup I took these measurements off my car.  I believe they are correct, but cannot guarantee.  They should be used for a decent reference
badge_measurement_rear.JPG (36393 bytes) exhaust1.JPG (70782 bytes)
I took these measurements off my car.  I believe they are correct, but cannot guarantee.  They should be used for a decent reference Dual exhaust system setup/schematic



Hash Mark Locations -  Drivers side - Adobe format
I recently installed hash marks and "G-T" emblems on a 1970 Torino GT whose emblems had been removed due to quarterpanel repair. I researched the location of the emblems on the Torino/Cyclone Forum website. I received a template from a Mike there and made some corrections to it. 
Hash Mark Locations - Passengers side 
I passed the corrected drawing back to Mike who confirmed the accuracy of the updated drawing. I used this template recently to drill the holes for the emblems. I have included .PDF versions of these drawings attached to this email in case you would like to include them in the "Torino Tech Info" part of your website. 

Thanks, Monty a.k.a. "DeanGT428"



Shaker351illustration.JPG (76632 bytes) Shaker429illustration.JPG (69444 bytes) Louvers_1.JPG (51613 bytes) trans.jpg (72856 bytes)
351 Shaker Setup

Thanks to Bill Brady

429 Shaker Setup

Thanks to Bill Brady



Louver setup

Thanks to Bill Brady

stripe info.jpg (186045 bytes) stripe instruct2.jpg (149451 bytes) shaker_schematic_429cj.jpg (83930 bytes)
"Hi Mike this is David Charlier the sidewinder mustang owner. This might interest you. The sidewinder mustangs stripe instructions are actually for the ARI ( 70 pace car program)cars which include the torino. The quality of the pictures are poor but they are from ford."



Thanks David for the info!  I have attempted to clean them up a little.  Beware, these are huge files so they will take a while to open, but they are very informative! 429CJ Shaker Assembly-
 large file
Hi Mike,  I saw you have the shaker template on your site.

Attached is an older instruction on the application of Laser Striping…..for the website.

Kevin J. Casto

core support feedthru.jpg (32097 bytes) Door clips detail.jpg (35882 bytes) Firewall manifold.jpg (41513 bytes) Junction area.jpg (44826 bytes)
Oreo lookin switch.jpg (44979 bytes) worthless shot.jpg (28306 bytes)



From Phil Paskvan "Headlamp vacuum routing. I took these pix for my reference. Figured someone could benefit as well." spoiler install

Front Spoiler installation instructions sent in by Gary Gallagher (PDF file - Abode Acrobat)

Axle Measurements
These are the measurements
the shop took to order
my new axles



1970 Torino Electrical schematic
courtesy of Bob "Phord" Pacer
Warning, this is a 5MB PDF file so save
it to your computer



1970 & 71 Frame Connector

1970 & 71 Frame Connector
Welding points