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shaker_schematic_429cj.jpg (83930 bytes) cleaner_assy.jpg (158575 bytes) duct_and_valve.jpg (22320 bytes) scoop_and_seal.jpg (53011 bytes)
429CJ Shaker Assembly
Large file



Air Cleaner Assemblies Duct and Valve Scoop and Seal
vacuum_motor.jpg (28876 bytes) shroud_and_tube.jpg (140815 bytes) cleaner_support.jpg (61346 bytes)
Vacuum Motor



Shroud and Tube Air Cleaner Support


429_CJ_snorkel.jpg (21014 bytes) 429_shakerbase2_ CJ.jpg (17559 bytes) 429_shakerbase1_ CJ.jpg (25888 bytes) 429_shake_CJ_Lid.jpg (13371 bytes)
CJ Snorkel CJ Shaker Base



CJ Shaker Base CJ Shaker Base Lid



cj_tube1.jpg (33706 bytes) cj_end_1.jpg (24555 bytes) shaker_brackets_429.jpg (8735 bytes) shaker_top.jpg (32308 bytes)
CJ Hose and fittings CJ Shaker Base fitting CJ / SCJ Shaker brackets and plug



Shaker scoop


scj-shaker.jpg (18197 bytes) scj-shaker2.jpg (23268 bytes) scj-shaker3.jpg (19053 bytes) cj_scj_torino.jpg (19610 bytes)
SCJ Shaker assembly - I have seen them this way and with the breather pipe in front welded in (metal)



SCJ Shaker assembly SCJ Shaker assembly CJ / SCJ Heat Riser
IMAG0004.JPG (23300 bytes) IMAG0001.JPG (12805 bytes) IMAG0002.JPG (15537 bytes) snorkel_429_ 302_part_number.jpg (18074 bytes)
SCJ Snorkel


SCJ Snorkel



SCJ Snorkel


SCJ Snorkel part number
scj_snorkel_front.jpg (23963 bytes) 429_scj_snorkel_top2.jpg (27550 bytes) SCJ_ snorkel_top.jpg (32121 bytes) scj_front.jpg (31485 bytes)
SCJ Snorkel




SCJ Snorkel SCJ Snorkel SCJ Snorkel


shaker_midplate_top.jpg (25940 bytes) shaker_midplate_bottom.jpg (26308 bytes) scj-shaker4.jpg (20352 bytes) shaker_flap1.jpg (18133 bytes)

shaker_flap2.jpg (18116 bytes)

Mid plate and shaker (top view)




Mid plate and shaker (bottom view)



Mid-plate assembled Mid-plate flapper


ncode_shaker_height.jpg (24823 bytes) ncode_Shaker_inside.jpg (29462 bytes) ncode_shaker_snorkel.jpg (27456 bytes) ncode_shaker1.jpg (26075 bytes)
Sent in by Jeff Pfaff. This is the shaker on his 1970 "N"  code. 



The overall diameter of the base is: 19 1/2" The base snorkel opening is: 5 3/8" center to center The base height is: 4 5/8"
ncode_Shaker2.jpg (27312 bytes) ncode_shaker_airhorn.jpg (23675 bytes)
The flapper base (side that bolts to the base) is: 17 3/16"



All documentation says that you couldn't get a shaker on an "N" code car, however Jeff says that this fits like a glove.