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Hey Mike hope this finds you all doing well. Finally got a nice day and got the Cyclone out for the first time. Had a local Wed. Night cruise with about 12 cars or so. The only other Merc was Buzz Rose and his 70 428 Cougar Eliminator. Got an old Photo of a couple of his old cars that have since been sold, the Ranchero went to Florida and the Fairlane stayed here in Helena. The Ranchero was a 429CJ/4-speed car with air. The Fairlane is a factory drag car 427/4-speed car. Ed Terry used to drive it back in the 60's. It has now been restored back to how it looked when it was being raced. Will try to get some shots of it and send them if your interested. Buzz also has a Torino Talladega and a 70-1/2 Falcon with a non ram-air 429SCJ/auto! Try to get some shots of them also.

Hope all is well with you and you have a great summer of fun!!

Happy Motoring!!! Chuck Huxley



Sent by Robert K Sent by Robert K Sent by Robert K
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Sent by Paul Grala



Sent by Chuck "Torino692dr" VanMarter Sent by Chuck "Torino692dr" VanMarter Sent by Chuck "Torino692dr" VanMarter
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Sent by Chuck "Torino692dr" VanMarter Sent by Chuck "Torino692dr" VanMarter Sent by Chuck "Torino692dr" VanMarter



Sent in by Jeff Pfaff
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Sent in by Jeff Pfaff From Rick Lupu, "Mike, Here is a picture you might want to add to your Torino Images. This picture was taken in Birch Run at the Varsity diner. My Torino convertible is in front. The car next to me is my sister-inlaws 19631/2 Ford Galaxy with a 427, four speed. The car in the background is my brother Ted's 1968 Torino fastback."




Sent in by Lasermail "At Crispin Shopping Center Cruz Marlton NJ, resturant owner Brady shows his Red 429 Cobra Jet 4-speed. Very intimidating."
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Our site as seen in the April 2001 issue of CarCraft magazine



Sent by Robert K

Was wondering if you could start yet another part you your ever growing site, call it Torino's and their Cousins "Spotted". "Spotted" At a recent Car Show here in Ft. Walton Beach Fl., (Mar 13) this Black Beauty. 429 4 speed. Brought back memories of a Demonstrator Car my Dad and Uncles took me for a ride in back in 70.




I was only 6 at the time of that ride, shoulda had my seat belt on for I covered every square inch of the back seat and not of my own accord. They gave that Demonstrator the shakedown run, and I'll always remember a Torino of that era because of it. Awesome, just awesome.
Todd and Karen Brooks  
Eglin A.F.B. Fl.




"This car was at Nashville speedway during the Shelby club show last April ...
Paul Grala"
"This car was at Nashville speedway during the Shelby club show last April ...
Paul Grala"
Hi Mike, I found these in a book in the library on designer cars. I thought these were quite interesting. "Truck" in South Dakota    

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