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Purpose & Benefits:

To shift gears sequentially on external linkage gearboxes. This device replaces the standard H-pattern already in use. Benefits of a sequential shifter include ergonomic design and less chance of missing a gear.

The Device:

The Sequential Four-Speed Shifter is a device made up of various components that operate the shifting of the 4-speed gearbox.

The gear stick is used to directly shift from reverse through to 4th gear (ie. In the order of R, N, 1, 2, 3, 4). Execution is performed in a sequential manner as to allow the operative to simply move the gear stick backwards (towards the driver) to shift into a higher gear, or forwards (away from the driver) to shift into a lower gear.

The gear lever may be pushed forward or backward, but will always return to the central position. Moving through the range offers greater ease and comfort to the driver in comparison to the standard H-pattern. This is due to the gear positions, which are next to each other on the same axis.


The Shifter is suited to both road and race applications.

In My Class Of Racing Sequential Gearboxes Are Bannedů?

Sequential gearboxes are banned in some classes of racing because the cost of the gearbox makes the class too expensive, but shifters are acceptable in most classes of racing if the gearbox is not modified.

This new and exciting product, which early model car owners and club racecar drivers can experience, provides upper- level race-car and expensive sports cars' technology.

Renagate only replaces the shifter which uses a lot less cost.

What Is Changed?

The Shifter bolts on as other shifters do - but the adjustment is different. The gearbox set-up is unchanged.

How Much Does It Move?

From the Neutral position the gearstick moves (in either direction) approximately 100 millimeters (4 inches).


The Package (shifter and linkage kit) includes instructions for installation, and can be installed in under an hour (in most cars).


Currently, Renagate Shifters are available to suit :-

GMH Aussie 4-speed
Ford Top-Loader 4-speed
Chev Muncie 4-speed
Borg Warner T/10 4-speed