7-30-2003 - Sorry I had to put this message back but many people have been contacted by a "Jimmy James" of the UK.  This is a scam, do not do business with him!!!

Update from Rick Toombs.... "Mike, I have been asked to forward the following address to you for the website. If anyone gets ANY e-mail from a " AFRICAN or NIGERIAN BUYER " forward the e-mail to: 419.fcd@usss.treas.gov No cover letter is required unless you want to submit more info. This address is a direct line to the US Secret Service Task Force. Again, thank you from all the members for your help and concern in trying to keep anyone else from being screwed.  Rick"

Thanks to Rick Toombs for this link with details on the scam.... http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/

Update.. Rick, while dealing with the FBI, has found out that these people are using counterfeit Cashier's checks.  Do not sell anything to anyone who sends you a check for more than what you are asking and then asks you to cash it and send them the extra amount.

Do not sell anything to a J Jeffrey, Ezekiel Vincent, Cole Smith, Raph Lee, Ezekiel Martin OR anyone claiming to be from Africa, or an oil man out of Houston currently in England.  They have been contacting many people who have listings on this site.  Follow good business practices. Do not deal with 3rd parties or people claiming other people owe them money!!  I have received countless emails from people saying these guys have contacted them!

Car Sales Warning from a Torino Friend.  Please READ!!

"Hi Mike. You may already know about this scam.I had a J Jeffery contact me about wanting to buy my convertible. He stated that he was located in S, Africa and would have his shipping agent contact us about picking up car. I said not till your check clears. Now this is where he seats his trap ,his reply was that a client owes him some U.S. funds($6,500)and will have him send me a cashier cheque for this amount. HE says once the check clears to deduct my $2,000 and send the balance to his shipping agent via western union money transfer to W.Africa. When we said no and said to have his money sent to his shipping agent and to have him bring us cash when he picks up car. We have not heard from him, that was 3 days ago and he was emailing me daily with "URGENT REPLY" as subject heading. It looks like he goes for cars under $2,000 ,by some of the reports i've read.For more scam reports go to cbsnews.com,search big bad banking scam where someone fell for this scam and now owes there bank $7,200. and to classiccarsclassifieds.com There is a online scam surpport group, but I,ve not found them yet If you can you might want to post a warning on your sight. Thanks, Rick"