Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hi Kyle,

I came across your website and thought I would send you info on my Cobra.

I completed the restoration last year in my shop Century Motorworks in Tulsa OK. The car has been restored to original condition - it is not a driveway queen though. I drive it to local shows and around town when it's not raining!

The car was featured in Last year's "Muscle Car Milestones" magazine in a photoshoot done by Jerry Heasley. The car was photographed during the annual Midwestern Ford and Shelby show in Tulsa last June. The article really has a good historical background of the different Cobras.

I have attached a copy of the article and will send pics in a another email. Pls note that the table of content shadow pics are of my Cobra also!

Bob C. Fries